Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well, its Saturday night... and all is quiet in the Ogilvy house. Hayden is fast asleep, and Patrick and I are relaxing in front of the television. Last night, my cousin Morgan came over... and spent the night. She let Patrick & I sleep and got up with Hayden all night. She knew we'd had a rough week, and wanted to help. I love her for that. She said Hayden did great (of course)... and slept really well. She's had a great day today. The medicine is definitely making a difference. She's finally sleeping more soundly, and is a lot less fussy when she's awake. Tonight, Patrick got some super cute pictures of her grabbing at my face. I stuck a pink bow in her hair for kicks, and she looked like little Cindy Loo Who from the Grinch. :) She was trying to suck on my nose, and give me kisses. It was pretty adorable. I'll post a few on here. OH, and for those who were worried, I was able to perform successful reconstructive surgery on Buggs. He is recovering peacefully on the kitchen counter.