Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So much to say... so little time

Okay. Lets start off by saying that the appointment at Vanderbilt was far from eventful. Everything went great. No signs of anything abnormal. We switched her to a special formula called Alimentum (it breaks up the milk proteins, and makes it easier on her tummy), which seems to be doing the trick. We have a whole new baby these days. She is FULL of smiles, cooing all the time, and very alert!! This formula is more than twice the cost of normal formula... UGH... but, well worth the money, if it makes her feel better!

Patricks Mom joined his Sister for a visit on friday morning. We had a house full, until yesterday morning. It was FANTASTIC having them here to help, and of course... to visit. Hayden had a great time with them, as did Patrick and I. On sunday night, Patrick and I went out with some friends, while Nana and Aunt Kathleen stayed home with Hayden. We went to a Japanese Habatchi Grill.... it was delish! Monday morning Patrick dropped them off at the airport on his way to work. We both agreed that we got a little spoiled having them here... and we need a nanny. hahaha! Just kiddin. a little.

I kept our niece, Rachel, for the afternoon while my sister had class (she's going back to school to finish her teaching degree). Rachel LOVES Hayden, and had a great time helping me take care of her today. She held her, and held her bottle for me while she ate... and threw the diapers in the diaper pail, danced around the room to make her laugh... and much much more! I got some SUPER DUPER ADORABLE pictures of the two of them together. I'm pretty sure these are going to make Nana cry. haha.

Well, I'm off to bed. Hayden got up at 4...and again at 7... then was finished sleeping for the day. I'm very sleeeeepy. peace out, homies.


indyhumes said...

Glad she is feeling better!

Amanda said...

I love this kid! Who does she look like? Baby picture wise?

Mogilvy said...

Its weird, because she looks a little like each of us, depending on the facial expression she's making. When she's sleeping, and she she raises her eyebrows.. she looks like her daddy. Other wise, I'd say she looks like me.