Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby Houdini

It might just be me, but I'm pretty sure the days are getting longer. It could be, because Hayden is no longer sleeping during the day. And... she cries almost the entire time she's awake. It breaks my heart, because I know something is going on. So, she had her 2 month well baby visit today. She now weighs 8lbs and 10oz. She's 20 3/4 inches long. Hayden also got 3 shots... she was a trooper. The doctor and I discussed her reflux, the meds... and all the symptoms going on these days. She's up for anywhere between 10-12 hours a day, fighting sleep... and screaming. She's constantly congested, and she spits up all the time. I end up changing her clothes (and mine) several times a day. The pediatrician is concerned that the reflux is severe, and is sending us to Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital for testing. We're going to see a specialist, and Hayden will have a GI done. They are going to put dye in her formula, then watch it go through her digestive system. They want to make sure there isnt anything "anatomically" wrong, and they want to see what the reflux is doing. After this, they will hopefully have a more accurate acount of what is going on with our sweet girl. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her sweet spirit. She is clearly uncomfortable. The few times that she is happy... she's REALLY happy. If we kiss her neck and cheeks... she'll smile, and coo. She also loves "zerberts" (or some would call them). Lately, she cant decide if she still likes being swaddled. I think she's most comfortable that way, once she's asleep.. but, she doesnt want to go to sleep... so, she will lay there and wiggle... and wiggle... and grunt, and wiggle some more, until she breaks her hands free. She looks so proud of herself after she's done it. It cracks us up. She then proceeds to wake herself up, by flailing her hands about. She's our baby houdini. :) ps: I'll keep you posted on the reflux testing & what not. Also: here are a few pictures we took recently.


Team Powers said...

Goodness...we have a Baby Houdini too so we got the Miracle Blanket...something to looking into, because Leilani cannot get out of that one and it keeps her asleep. I hope the doctors figure out whats wrong and fix it ASAP!

indyhumes said...

Love this last pic

Laura said...

I absolutely adore these photos! You have such a beautiful family! I dont believe you that Hayden cries as much as you say though! She always looks so happy in all the pictures!! Hopefully you can get some answers, and Hayden (and mom/dad) can get some relief! We have had very brief periods of that inconsolable crying in our house and I cannot imagine that all the time! You guys are so strong! Hang in there!