Tuesday, May 19, 2009

such a big girl... standing all by herself.
she's chasing after me, trying to get the camera.

playing in Chloe's bed. Again, wants to play with everything that isnt hers.

sweet girl after her nap!

My sister, Brother in law, niece & nephew

Swinging @ Nanny & Papo's house.

this is her "fake cry" face... she's SO dramatic.

Well… as of last week, Hayden is now 10 months old. My, how time surly does fly. As I sit here watching her play on the floor… I am thinking of just how precious time is. I mean… It was just yesterday that she was born, right?

Hayden is exploring exciting new realms of mobility these days. She is officially a climber and all over EVERYTHING. She now pulls herself up on pretty much anything that is not moving… including us. She enjoys getting into everything that doesn’t belong to her, and is EXTREMELY persistent. I have no idea where she gets that from…haha. It drives me NUTS. She threw her first REALLY public temper tantrum yesterday at Target. Just a little glimpse into my future, I guess. I moved the cart back a little, so she couldn’t reach the tag that she was chewing on…and she flipped. Threw her head back…and started screaming! There was a mom standing next to me, and she started cracking up. I was like… “Yeah, I’m so mean… won’t let her chew on paper”. Hayden’s got it rough. HA! I just can’t get over how big she’s getting. Sometimes (if she feels like it), she can follow my direction now. If I tell her to put the block in the bucket, or her gumball in the machine (toy), she will do it. Then she claps for herself. She starting to eat a good amount of table food at meal times… she LOVES feeding herself.

We got a “blackout” curtain… and she’s taking better naps than EVER. PRAISE THE LORD!! She wakes up in the best of moods… and cracks me up! Lately, when I go in to get her… she’s standing there bouncing and laughing. It’s precious.

My niece graduated from Preschool last week. She’s the oldest of my Mom’s grandbabies. I cannot believe she’s going to Kindergarten in the fall. Blows my mind how quickly they grow. Hayden did great sitting there with her Daddy (I was in the balcony taking pictures)… despite the fact that it was way past her bedtime, and she had refused her bottle earlier that evening! She mostly just sat there and enjoyed her surroundings. She’s such a little social butterfly!

One more thing. I MUST share this story with you. We went to dinner with some friends on Saturday night. Another group of people with a baby happened to sit in the booth across from ours. I noticed their little guy was close in size to Hayden, and asked how old he was. His mom replied “1o months”… I said, “Wow so is she”. She said… “When is her birthday? His is July 15th.”… I laughed, replying… “so is hers”. Crazy, huh? Oh… it gets better. So, Hayden has COMPLETELY turned herself around in the highchair so that she is facing them instead of us (something she always does when we go out to dinner… she’s nosy). They put their little guy in the highchair facing her. She starts chatting to him… and clapping… and getting louder and louder. She’s a squealer… and can be pretty loud. Anyway… at first, he looks a little concerned. Then the lip comes out… then full on SCREAM in terror. It was hilarious. So, they picked him up out of the chair and held him for a while. They attempted to put him back in his chair two more times, both times the same story repeated itself. Hayden made him cry…again. Haha! The mom was like… “you can’t be afraid of girls your WHOLE life.” HAHA!! Patrick was proud. He called her a “man eater”, and insists that she continue to make boys cry until she’s 40 ish.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Greetings and apologies from the worlds worst blogger! I have no excuses, really, other than the fact that I’m constantly chasing after our VERY mobile 9 ½ month old baby girl!!
Hayden is all over the place these days. She is quite the little explorer… and loves to get into everything that doesn’t belong to her! Her favorite things to go after; the remote, phone, dog food, water bowl, and any sort of paper. I pick her up and move her away from the dog food at least 30 times a day! She’s got two teeth on the top currently working their way through. One has just recently broken through the gum, and the other one is just about ready to! This makes for a total of 4!! Such a Big girl!!
She has become more and more like her mommy. She LOVES watching television. Haha. Her favorite show is Mickey Mouse Club… and whenever I turn it on, she starts squealing and flapping her arms! Its hysterical. She is also a complete and total CHATTERBOX. She absolutely LOOVES to talk. She says; “hi”, “ha ha” – like Nelson on the Simpson’s!, “Mama”, “Dada”, “Baba”, and many more random sounds!! I had her at the doctors office the other day (she has her first ear infection) and she was entertaining everyone in the waiting room! She was literally shouting at the top of her lungs. Nurses were peeking around the window to see where all the “ruckus” was coming from! She loves people, and is just so full of animation. She has recently learned to clap… and is pulling up on EVERYTHING!! Therefore nothing is safe anymore! She is constantly pulling things off the coffee table, books off the shelf, and laundry out of the basket!!
I have to tell you that I watch Hayden in complete and total amazement every single day. Not only am I still in shock that she is actually my daughter, but I am in awe at the speed in which she grows. It’s so surreal. Really. I cannot believe that she is almost 10 months old. Time really does fly. She is looking more and more like a toddler to me… and so much less like a baby. She’s so sweet… and affectionate. If you ask for a kiss, she kisses you… a lot. I think she’s French. Anyway… hopefully I’ll be better at updating this thing now that I’m on the wagon again. I’m posting a few recent photos. Enjoy.