Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sleeping on Mommy's pillow

sweet baby girl..

Another Angle of her sleeping on my pillow

Smiling at Mommy... and wearing her new boots that her Grandmommy sent!!

Sitting like a big girl!!

Dancing in her bouncy seat!

Hey Again!
Today has been a FANTASTIC day... Hayden has been such a happy girl... we've had so much fun!! I put her in her bumbo for the first time... she loved it!! She can sit up all by herself in it. I was getting her blankets ready to swaddler her, and propped her up on my pillow on the bed. I looked over at her, and she had fallen asleep. TOO CUTE. Anyway... here are some pictures from yesterday and today.

Monday, October 27, 2008

More 3 Month Pictures...

ps: the close up picture of Hayden in the fish costume... thats a "wubbanub" in her mouth. Its a paci with a pink pony attached to it. She LOVES it. She holds on tight to it...and snuggles with it. SO cute. :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Here is a sneak peak at Hayden's 3 Month photo shoot. We discovered that she really likes the lights! We got lots of smiles, because every time my flash went off she'd Grin!! Its going to take me forever to edit them, I just did a few because I was so excited. I've got a lot of shoots to work on these days... tis' the season! Anyway... ENJOY!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Things are begining to look up these days. More and more smiles from our angel...every day!! She's found her hands...and is constantly trying to eat them! haha. She loves watching her cousin Rachel. She will stare at her for hours. Its precious. Halloween is coming up. I wasnt going to get Hayden a costume, because I figured she's not going to remember this anyway. Then I decided that she's only little once, and went online searching for the perfect costume. Well, I found it. Its super cute, and she loves it. Okay, well... she doesnt really care.. but, I LOVE it. :) Anyway... hope you all are having a fantastic day!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Hayden is 3 months old now!!! Its hard to believe. She's growing so fast. Well, It feels as if we may finally be seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, as far as her Cholic is concerned. There appears to be less and less crying every day. We're getting there. Little by little. Mid morning is her best time of day... which she definitely did NOT get from me! Earlier this week she made a move. I put her on her tummy, and she immediately rolled over to her back. She was SO proud of herself! It was adorable. She had this HUGE smile on her face as if to say.. "HEY, did you see that? Did you see what I just did?". I put her back on her tummy 3 more times, and she proceeded to roll over to her back 3 more times. So its official... she's rolling over. We are so proud. Anyway... just thought I'd share. Also, Hayden has become a master at the "poutty lip". Its pretty hilarious. She has found her daddy's Kryptonite at such a young age!! I posted a few pictures of the lip, and a picture of her smiling. (so you dont think she's so pitiful ALL the time). Have a Fantastic Weekend.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just a little More...

So... I decided to stay up a little longer, and go ahead and post the pictures from the Pumpkin Patch. Also... just a little glance into my crappy experience at sears yesterday. Hayden and I went to get new tires put on the car. What was supposed to take 45min, turned into 2.5 hours. I was totally irritated. So, I'm walking around sears, with Hayden in the front carrier (the one in these pictures).. and a lady who works at one of the registers turns to me and says.. "Can that baby even breath in that thing?"... You've got to be kidding me. No. She cant. I'm smothering my child. I just looked at her and smiled...and said.. "yeah, she's fine". What an idiot.

Our Little PumpkinPie

Last weekend, we headed to Waldon Farm (a local pumpkin patch) with our friends, the Hopkins’. Believe it or not, Hayden slept through the majority of our trip. She woke up just in time to help us pick out pumpkins… which of course, she was thrilled about! We enjoyed watching the Hopkins’ kids play in the corn; guide us through the corn maze, and much more! They enjoyed showing Hayden how it’s done. On Sunday, we headed over to my parents for a late lunch with the family. My dad made homemade enchiladas… they were fabulous! We all got a kick out of watching Rachel with Hayden. Rachel wanted to hold her, so we sat her on the couch and put Hayden in her arms. Hayden LOVED it. She watches everything Rachel does and smiles like crazy at every move she makes. Rachel is so good with her; it’s so sweet to watch. Hayden is now 9lbs and 10oz. This morning, she was lying on her back and Patrick started talking to her. She turned her head to find him, looked up and got a huge grin on her face. It was too sweet.

We finally had the appointment with the specialist yesterday. After what seemed like FOREVER… we finally got to meet with someone who might be able to figure things out. The doctor was FABULOUS… we love her. She went over the results from Hayden’s Upper GI, and made her diagnosis based on all the information we gave her. Here is what she said. Hayden DOES have Acid Reflux, but luckily it’s not a bad case of it. She DOES have a severe case of Colic. She said that colic isn’t necessarily what most people think it is. It’s actually inflammation and irritation of the digestive track. This causes Hayden pain, and discomfort… which makes her cry…which makes her suck in air and cause even more pain and discomfort. It’s pretty much a horrible cycle. We’ve started her on a number of herbs, medications and adding even more rice to her daily intake. We are going to give this new routine a try for a couple weeks. If this doesn’t work, Hayden will be placed on a medication that is basically a baby pain killer. She’s a very proactive doctor, which I LOVE… because we are proactive parents. I’m not at all about to let my daughter be in PAIN…and just let her “grow out of it” like some doctors suggest with colic. Last night she slept from 11:30pm-6:45am. She had a bottle, and went back to sleep until 10:45, when I had to wake her up to get to an appointment… I’m hoping that this is some light at the end of a tunnel.
I’ll try to post some pictures tomorrow.