Friday, September 19, 2008

Gas..yeah, I said it.

Well, We heard from the doctors office today, and Hayden's appointments have been made. We go in on Friday morning (the 26th) for her upper GI. We cant feed for 4 hours before the test. Fun. As if we dont listen to her scream enough? AH. I'm not sure how long the procedure takes... but, they said we can feed her a while bottle afterward. I think the stuff they use to send the dye through, is just enough to get the test done, not to fill her belly. She's got another apointment on Oct. 7th with a specialist... to set up a new "plan of action". We're keeping our fingers crossed for relief, both for Hayden and for us. She had a SUPER FANTASTIC day today. She slept GREAT last night... and was super through out the day. She took two naps... and didnt cry half as much as she normally does. I think she was crazy tired from the ordeal at the doctors office yesterday (shots, etc). She was in great spirits this morning, smiling...and cooing. At one point, she tooted...then smiled REALLY big. I started cracking up. I think she gets that from her Papo. :) Anyway... hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We'll be sticking around the house for the most part... since apparently, the country is running out of gas. me too. Hayden has plenty. :)


indyhumes said...

Praying you get it figured out!

Team Powers said...

Random thought: I call Chris Poops and Pooper all the time...HAHAHA

Mogilvy said...

hahaha... thats HILARIOUS, ALANA. LOVE it. :)I'm pretty sure I know how he earned his, too!!