Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hellooo, Again. I'm assuming since you are reading this, that you got my e-mail. Thanks for checking us out! How is Hayden? She's doing great. As of yesterday, she is 7 weeks old now. She thinks she's grown, though... and doesnt need naps. She fights her sleep more than any other baby I've ever known. She kicks... and arches her back... and SCREAMS. I find it entertaining during the day, but not so much at 3 in the morning. :) She's lifting her head really well now, and is pushing herself up now, with her arms. She's checking things out, and fixating on things around the room. Her and Chloe are BEST BUDS. Chloe goes everywhere Hayden goes... and likes to give her kisses. She's very protective of her... when Hayden cries, Chloe comes running. Its pretty sweet. Also: other family news... My sister and brother in law will be hopefully have my nephew home from Vietnam by Feb!! YAY. I updated the flicker site last night. lots of great new pictures. check it out.


Lisa Marie said...

Hey Patrick & Melissa!!! Hayden is getting so big and beautiful! So happy that you guys are doing well. Just wanted to say hello and wish you well.

Lisa Marie

Team Powers said...

So glad everything is going well!! We cant wait for our little girls to meet!