Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So much to say... so little time

Okay. Lets start off by saying that the appointment at Vanderbilt was far from eventful. Everything went great. No signs of anything abnormal. We switched her to a special formula called Alimentum (it breaks up the milk proteins, and makes it easier on her tummy), which seems to be doing the trick. We have a whole new baby these days. She is FULL of smiles, cooing all the time, and very alert!! This formula is more than twice the cost of normal formula... UGH... but, well worth the money, if it makes her feel better!

Patricks Mom joined his Sister for a visit on friday morning. We had a house full, until yesterday morning. It was FANTASTIC having them here to help, and of course... to visit. Hayden had a great time with them, as did Patrick and I. On sunday night, Patrick and I went out with some friends, while Nana and Aunt Kathleen stayed home with Hayden. We went to a Japanese Habatchi Grill.... it was delish! Monday morning Patrick dropped them off at the airport on his way to work. We both agreed that we got a little spoiled having them here... and we need a nanny. hahaha! Just kiddin. a little.

I kept our niece, Rachel, for the afternoon while my sister had class (she's going back to school to finish her teaching degree). Rachel LOVES Hayden, and had a great time helping me take care of her today. She held her, and held her bottle for me while she ate... and threw the diapers in the diaper pail, danced around the room to make her laugh... and much much more! I got some SUPER DUPER ADORABLE pictures of the two of them together. I'm pretty sure these are going to make Nana cry. haha.

Well, I'm off to bed. Hayden got up at 4...and again at 7... then was finished sleeping for the day. I'm very sleeeeepy. peace out, homies.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OWF: Ogilvy Wrestling Federation

Patricks sister, Kathleen, flew in on Tuesday. She came to meet Hayden, and of course spend some time with Patrick & I too! She's been such a great help... I dont think I'm going to let her go home on Monday!! Patrick's mom will be here on Friday morning... she flys home on Monday too. She got to meet Hayden while she was still in the NICU, but this will be the first time seeing her without tubes and lines hooked up to her! We are so grateful to have such an amazing family. Patricks oldest brother also stopped by tonight. He was in Nashville for business today, and was on his way home to Atlanta. This was his first time meeting Hayden, too. This week is a week of Firsts!! :) We spoke with the doctor yesterday, and are now putting a little bit of rice cereal in Hayden's bottles. She said it can take 48 hours to see an improvement. Also... we had a wrestling match right here in our living room. It was pretty intense. I'm posting pictures. I'm also posting a few pictures of Hayden with her Uncle Mark and Aunt Kathleen. Enjoy!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Gas..yeah, I said it.

Well, We heard from the doctors office today, and Hayden's appointments have been made. We go in on Friday morning (the 26th) for her upper GI. We cant feed for 4 hours before the test. Fun. As if we dont listen to her scream enough? AH. I'm not sure how long the procedure takes... but, they said we can feed her a while bottle afterward. I think the stuff they use to send the dye through, is just enough to get the test done, not to fill her belly. She's got another apointment on Oct. 7th with a specialist... to set up a new "plan of action". We're keeping our fingers crossed for relief, both for Hayden and for us. She had a SUPER FANTASTIC day today. She slept GREAT last night... and was super through out the day. She took two naps... and didnt cry half as much as she normally does. I think she was crazy tired from the ordeal at the doctors office yesterday (shots, etc). She was in great spirits this morning, smiling...and cooing. At one point, she tooted...then smiled REALLY big. I started cracking up. I think she gets that from her Papo. :) Anyway... hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We'll be sticking around the house for the most part... since apparently, the country is running out of gas. me too. Hayden has plenty. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby Houdini

It might just be me, but I'm pretty sure the days are getting longer. It could be, because Hayden is no longer sleeping during the day. And... she cries almost the entire time she's awake. It breaks my heart, because I know something is going on. So, she had her 2 month well baby visit today. She now weighs 8lbs and 10oz. She's 20 3/4 inches long. Hayden also got 3 shots... she was a trooper. The doctor and I discussed her reflux, the meds... and all the symptoms going on these days. She's up for anywhere between 10-12 hours a day, fighting sleep... and screaming. She's constantly congested, and she spits up all the time. I end up changing her clothes (and mine) several times a day. The pediatrician is concerned that the reflux is severe, and is sending us to Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital for testing. We're going to see a specialist, and Hayden will have a GI done. They are going to put dye in her formula, then watch it go through her digestive system. They want to make sure there isnt anything "anatomically" wrong, and they want to see what the reflux is doing. After this, they will hopefully have a more accurate acount of what is going on with our sweet girl. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her sweet spirit. She is clearly uncomfortable. The few times that she is happy... she's REALLY happy. If we kiss her neck and cheeks... she'll smile, and coo. She also loves "zerberts" (or raspberries...as some would call them). Lately, she cant decide if she still likes being swaddled. I think she's most comfortable that way, once she's asleep.. but, she doesnt want to go to sleep... so, she will lay there and wiggle... and wiggle... and grunt, and wiggle some more, until she breaks her hands free. She looks so proud of herself after she's done it. It cracks us up. She then proceeds to wake herself up, by flailing her hands about. She's our baby houdini. :) ps: I'll keep you posted on the reflux testing & what not. Also: here are a few pictures we took recently.

Monday, September 15, 2008

smiles...sitting...and crying...oh MY.

This past weekend was quite eventful in the Ogilvy family. Patrick and I shot our first wedding since having Hayden. It went pretty well, and it was nice to get back into the "groove" of things! Sunday I decided to take on the task of shampooing our carpets. Brave, I know. I did much of the furniture moving with Hayden in the carrier strapped over my shoulders. She's very into being held these days. :) As of tommorow, she will be 9 weeks old. We go for her 2 month well baby check up on Thursday... I'm eager to see how much she weighs! A few days ago, she started holding her head up REALLY well. She's getting so big! She's starting to smile more and more... well, when she's not testing her lungs out, anyway! I'm about 98% sure she's got "colic", which... for those of you who have experienced it know, is quite fantastic. :) She cries for several hours in the evenings... and refuses to go to sleep, unless you are bouncing her. And as soon as you stop... her eyes pop open. Little stinker! We started new medication for her reflux tonight. The other stuff quit working as well... so the Dr. switched her over to prevacid. Keeping our fingers crossed that this will give her more "relief". I'm posting some super cute pictures of Hayden holding her head up, smiling... and spending quality time with her Mommy & Daddy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well... Things here are going great. Hayden is 8 weeks old today... and growing SO fast. One of my bestest friends in the whole world, Jennifer, is here visiting from Oklahoma for the week. She came over yesterday, and brought her two kids with her. Noah is 5 months, and Taylor is 2. Taylor LOVES babies, and I got some cute pictures of her "loving" on Hayden. We went to the Park, and hung out at my house... it was a wonderful day of catching up... and just hanging out... being Mommies. :) I'm trying to convince her and her husband to buy the house for sale next door. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hayden's Acid Reflux is definately being "tamed" by the medicine... we are so thankful that we figured out what was going on with her! She's becoming more and more aware of things around her. If I talk in silly voices, or sing... I can get her to smile. She follows my voice with her eyes and head too. Today, I was tickling her face with my hair... and she was smiling! I love watching her experience this world... its such an amazing feeling.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well, its Saturday night... and all is quiet in the Ogilvy house. Hayden is fast asleep, and Patrick and I are relaxing in front of the television. Last night, my cousin Morgan came over... and spent the night. She let Patrick & I sleep and got up with Hayden all night. She knew we'd had a rough week, and wanted to help. I love her for that. She said Hayden did great (of course)... and slept really well. She's had a great day today. The medicine is definitely making a difference. She's finally sleeping more soundly, and is a lot less fussy when she's awake. Tonight, Patrick got some super cute pictures of her grabbing at my face. I stuck a pink bow in her hair for kicks, and she looked like little Cindy Loo Who from the Grinch. :) She was trying to suck on my nose, and give me kisses. It was pretty adorable. I'll post a few on here. OH, and for those who were worried, I was able to perform successful reconstructive surgery on Buggs. He is recovering peacefully on the kitchen counter.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


So, last night was a rough one. Hayden was super fussy, and didn’t sleep soundly all night. Patrick stayed up until 1, and I got up at 1, so he could get some sleep. This past week or two, she’s gotten progressively more fussy. She arches her back and screams when she eats, and wants to be held all the time. She cries while she’s trying to sleep… it’s just pitiful. After last night, we’d had enough… and decided to call the doctor. We went in this morning, and figured out that she has Acid Reflux. The DR gave her a prescription for Zantak… and we’ll hopefully have a much happier baby after a few more doses. Her poor little tummy is hurting her… it breaks my heart! They also weighed her… and I almost fell over! She weighs in at 7lbs and 13 oz now! She gained 25 oz in the past 14 days. The DR said they like to see them gain an ounce a day… Hayden almost doubled that! Haha. Growing girl! After the doctors visit, she finally fell asleep in the car on the way home. I really wanted her to continue to sleep… so… desperate times call for desperate measures. I put her (in her car seat) on the dryer. Yeah, I know… but… IT WORKED!! I got about 2 hours of sleep…. And so did she! Also: funny story. The night before last, Patrick was in the office, and I was in the bedroom with Hayden. Patrick comes out into the living room and calls for me. He says the living room is now a crime scene. Turns out Chloe’s favorite toy… has been murdered. We were tempted to put up crime tape. I’ve included a photo. I’m going to try to bring Buggs back to life this weekend… I think it will require multiple surgeries.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hellooo, Again. I'm assuming since you are reading this, that you got my e-mail. Thanks for checking us out! How is Hayden? She's doing great. As of yesterday, she is 7 weeks old now. She thinks she's grown, though... and doesnt need naps. She fights her sleep more than any other baby I've ever known. She kicks... and arches her back... and SCREAMS. I find it entertaining during the day, but not so much at 3 in the morning. :) She's lifting her head really well now, and is pushing herself up now, with her arms. She's checking things out, and fixating on things around the room. Her and Chloe are BEST BUDS. Chloe goes everywhere Hayden goes... and likes to give her kisses. She's very protective of her... when Hayden cries, Chloe comes running. Its pretty sweet. Also: other family news... My sister and brother in law will be hopefully have my nephew home from Vietnam by Feb!! YAY. I updated the flicker site last night. lots of great new pictures. check it out. www.flickr.com/photos/mellisaogilvy/