Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well... Things here are going great. Hayden is 8 weeks old today... and growing SO fast. One of my bestest friends in the whole world, Jennifer, is here visiting from Oklahoma for the week. She came over yesterday, and brought her two kids with her. Noah is 5 months, and Taylor is 2. Taylor LOVES babies, and I got some cute pictures of her "loving" on Hayden. We went to the Park, and hung out at my house... it was a wonderful day of catching up... and just hanging out... being Mommies. :) I'm trying to convince her and her husband to buy the house for sale next door. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hayden's Acid Reflux is definately being "tamed" by the medicine... we are so thankful that we figured out what was going on with her! She's becoming more and more aware of things around her. If I talk in silly voices, or sing... I can get her to smile. She follows my voice with her eyes and head too. Today, I was tickling her face with my hair... and she was smiling! I love watching her experience this world... its such an amazing feeling.