Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OWF: Ogilvy Wrestling Federation

Patricks sister, Kathleen, flew in on Tuesday. She came to meet Hayden, and of course spend some time with Patrick & I too! She's been such a great help... I dont think I'm going to let her go home on Monday!! Patrick's mom will be here on Friday morning... she flys home on Monday too. She got to meet Hayden while she was still in the NICU, but this will be the first time seeing her without tubes and lines hooked up to her! We are so grateful to have such an amazing family. Patricks oldest brother also stopped by tonight. He was in Nashville for business today, and was on his way home to Atlanta. This was his first time meeting Hayden, too. This week is a week of Firsts!! :) We spoke with the doctor yesterday, and are now putting a little bit of rice cereal in Hayden's bottles. She said it can take 48 hours to see an improvement. Also... we had a wrestling match right here in our living room. It was pretty intense. I'm posting pictures. I'm also posting a few pictures of Hayden with her Uncle Mark and Aunt Kathleen. Enjoy!!