Friday, January 30, 2009

Growing So Big...

Hayden has become SO AWARE of her surroundings here lately. She loves watching the animals run around the house, and reaches out for anything that is within her reach. We took these pictures recently, and I thought you all might enjoy them... A friend got this paci for her before she was born. She'd never used anything other than her soothies...and wasnt a fan. But, I kept sticking it in her mouth to try to get her to keep it in there long enough so I could take a picture. hahaha... I thought it was cute.

She's SO animated! She cracks us up. This was when I was trying to feed her. Can you guess what she's trying to do? :)
Look at our big girl!! 6 months old...and standing on her own!! It only lasts for a minute or two before her legs get tired, and she sits down... but, she LOVES standing. She still wont sit up completely on her own (I think she just chooses not to)...she'll sit by her self if she thinks your right there... but, if you move, she falls over. :) Such a stinker.
She LOVES Chloe. I have a feeling they are going to be best buddies. She reaches out for Chloe to kiss her... and then she laughs. Chloe follows her everywhere... and tends to hover as if to protect her. Its very sweet.
I stuck her in a pile of her animals to take pictures. She enjoyed feeling all the different "fur's"... :) She was flopping around grabbing at all of them.

We have to give her a spoon to hold while we feed her. If we dont, she tries to grab at the spoon with food on it while we are trying to get it to her mouth. Its like an obstacle course, trying to get the spoon to her mouth without food flying everywhere!! So, she plays with her own spoon while she eats... she will put it in her mouth in between bites.

Another shot of her playing in her animals. Patrick thinks its funny, that King Louis (to the left of her) has his hand on his mouth like he's laughing too. hahaha.


indyhumes said...

So cute! Love it!