Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Greetings and apologies from the worlds worst blogger! I have no excuses, really, other than the fact that I’m constantly chasing after our VERY mobile 9 ½ month old baby girl!!
Hayden is all over the place these days. She is quite the little explorer… and loves to get into everything that doesn’t belong to her! Her favorite things to go after; the remote, phone, dog food, water bowl, and any sort of paper. I pick her up and move her away from the dog food at least 30 times a day! She’s got two teeth on the top currently working their way through. One has just recently broken through the gum, and the other one is just about ready to! This makes for a total of 4!! Such a Big girl!!
She has become more and more like her mommy. She LOVES watching television. Haha. Her favorite show is Mickey Mouse Club… and whenever I turn it on, she starts squealing and flapping her arms! Its hysterical. She is also a complete and total CHATTERBOX. She absolutely LOOVES to talk. She says; “hi”, “ha ha” – like Nelson on the Simpson’s!, “Mama”, “Dada”, “Baba”, and many more random sounds!! I had her at the doctors office the other day (she has her first ear infection) and she was entertaining everyone in the waiting room! She was literally shouting at the top of her lungs. Nurses were peeking around the window to see where all the “ruckus” was coming from! She loves people, and is just so full of animation. She has recently learned to clap… and is pulling up on EVERYTHING!! Therefore nothing is safe anymore! She is constantly pulling things off the coffee table, books off the shelf, and laundry out of the basket!!
I have to tell you that I watch Hayden in complete and total amazement every single day. Not only am I still in shock that she is actually my daughter, but I am in awe at the speed in which she grows. It’s so surreal. Really. I cannot believe that she is almost 10 months old. Time really does fly. She is looking more and more like a toddler to me… and so much less like a baby. She’s so sweet… and affectionate. If you ask for a kiss, she kisses you… a lot. I think she’s French. Anyway… hopefully I’ll be better at updating this thing now that I’m on the wagon again. I’m posting a few recent photos. Enjoy.