Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby In A Bucket

The Ogilvy Three
standing like a big girl

I love this one. She looks so mischievious.
sweet smile
one of my favorites too.
cracking up... with drool dripping off her chins :)
staring at a toy that I'm shaking next to the camera
another favorite...
getting to be such a big girl...
I cant believe our little Angel is 6 months now. She's growing so fast. The other day, she started shaking her head "no" at us... then laughs. She thinks its hilarious. She also gives kisses (I cant remember if I posted that already)... but, its SOO sweet. She opens her mouth and leans in to your face. Sometimes she'll even grab your cheeks and pull you to her. She seems to be getting a little better with the whole "sleep" thing. I think she's just going to be a difficult baby. She likes to be a challenge. These days, she has found her lungs... and uses them regularly. She will scream at the top of her lungs, and you have to look at her face to tell if its a happy scream or a sad scream... they sound very similar. :) Anyway... we finally got some super smiley professional shots of her for her 6 months shoot. I'm posting a few. Enjoy.


indyhumes said...

So cute!!

Team Powers said...

Does she have a tooth?? I love the pictures!

Mogilvy said...

no teeth yet. The two bottom ones are both poking through, and you can see a teeeeny bit of white... but, they've been like that for 2 months. :)