Thursday, November 6, 2008

Haydens First Halloween!!

Our first Halloween as a family of three!!
The cow and the goldfish... BFF.

A fish in a bucket. look at that smile.

my family, minus brian who was taking the picture! Rachel as tinkerbell, and my mom as a cavewoman. haha.

Patrick teaching Hayden how to make a propper fishy face.

Mommy & her sweet goldfish

I think we enjoyed Haydens first Halloween a little more than she did, but I do believe she'll enjoy looking back at the pictures some day. She looked pretty stinkin cute in her Goldfish costume; helping us hand out candy to all the trick-or-treaters. My mom and dad stopped by, along with my sister and brother in law and my niece. We enjoyed hanging out on the front porch, while watching all the little ones in their costumes. Our friends Todd and Linda stopped by with their son, Carter. He was a cow for Halloween. We got a picture of the Cow and the Goldfish together. It was super cute. Hayden weighs a little over 11 pounds now... and is slowly growing out of the cholic...FINALLY. She is begining to smile a whole lot these days... and it just melts my heart. She tries to put her paci back in her mouth all the time, and the other night she actually succeeded. It was so cute.. she looked so proud of herself! Anyway... things here are good. We're getting really busy with Ogilvy Images. Christmas season is always busy. People want pictures from previous shoots for gifts, and want christmas shoots and christmas cards. busy busy bees are we. OH... and BIG NEWS. My sister and brother in law found out that they will be leaving on Monday evening to go get their son, whom they are adopting from Vietnam. They, along with my niece will be over there for 2 weeks. They will return on the 23rd as an official family of 4. We'd all appreciate prayers for smooth travels and safety for all of them while they are over there! I'll, of course, post pictures when they get back! ps: sorry for the slacking, Melinda... I'll try to keep up better!! hehe. ;)