Thursday, November 13, 2008

Smiles & Sleep....Horray!

she managed to break her hand free from the swaddle
Hayden and Daddy sporting "I voted today" stickers!!
Hayden all dressed up for her Aunt Lin's Birthday Party!!
(she wasnt all that excited about the hat)
tummy time!
more tummy time!

We have recently discovered that Hayden has inherited a giant mixture of both mine & Patrick’s sarcastic sense of humor. She has taught herself how to “fake cry” for attention. It’s pretty hilarious. She’ll start this totally fake whimper, and stick her lip out. We will call her out on it… and start laughing. All of a sudden, she’ll bust out in a HUGE grin, and laugh. It’s great. I love it. She’s also recently begun using her hands a lot. She helps us put her paci back in her mouth using her fists. She will also hug her toys up close to her chest. She’s been sleeping SO great through the night. She’ll go down around 8:00pm, and usually sleep until 5am. Sometimes she’ll go back to sleep again, until around 8am. YAY. She’s getting so big.
My sister and Brother-in-law are in Vietnam. They’ll be returning next Saturday as a family of 4!! She called us tonight and let us knows that they officially adopted Nathan yesterday. We could hear him in the background making cute baby noises. Apparently, Rachel is not all that impressed with hearing a baby crying in the middle of the night. Haha. Jen says he laughs at her, and finds her quite entertaining, as Hayden does. We can’t wait for them to get home!
Patrick and I are going to be in a wedding in two weeks. Our dear friends, Josh and Crystal are tying the knot after dating for a little over 6 years! Patrick is a Groomsman, and I am a Bridesmaid. We haven’t been in one together in over 6 years… yes, I’m referring to ours. We are looking forward to walking down the aisle again, and sharing in this special day with our friends. I’ll be sure to post some pictures.
Okay, well.. Kath & Kim is on… its one of our new favorite shows. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. The humor is similar to that on The Office. Have a fantastic day!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE KATH AND KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thursdays, Brian and I's butt is glued to the couch and all heck breaks loose on the toy front. Piper plays while our marathon of shows goes on. Oh.. Yeah. YAY FOR HAYDEN SLEEPING!