Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hello Again...

In front of Nana's Christmas tree in her new Christmas dress
Hayden & her new cousin Nathan. He's not sure what to think of her.

On Thanksgiving... her bib says "I'm Stuffed".

Hanging out with her Grampa... watching TV together.

Nakie Baby... 4 months old


So much to say… so very little time. We are crazy busy in the Ogilvy house these days. Lots of photo shoots, lots of traveling, lots of stuff to do! I find myself working around the house or on the computer until late… wishing there were more hours in the day. Ugh.

Hayden is getting close to 5 months old, but thinks she’s going on 10. She’s so close to sitting up on her own (she’ll tip over after several seconds). If you put her someplace where she is leaned back, she gets mad; she wants to sit like a big girl. We have started her on cereal twice a day, and she loves it. She eats like its going out of style. She definitely got her Daddy’s appetite. She’s rolling over, and getting great at holding her toys. She’s finally beginning to outgrow her newborn onesies… but remains in newborn size pants. I guess she’s got short legs like her Momma.

My sister, brother in law, and niece returned home safely from Vietnam two weeks ago. Nathan Vuong McCrery is HOME!! He’s absolutely precious, and so sweet. He’s full of smiles… and full of beans too! Jen and Brian are desperately working on establishing a routine, and look forward to longer periods of sleep. Sounds familiar. Ha! He is super tiny, but has become quite the eater, so we look for him to bulk up quickly.

The three of us headed to VA to visit Patrick’s side of the family for Thanksgiving. It was Hayden’s first long car ride, and first trip out of state. The way there was better than we could have imagined. She cried only for 20 minutes out of the whole 10 hour drive. WOW. She did a lot of sleeping (shocking), and we did a lot of singing, and playing. I sat in the back, which seemed to work out well. We had a great time visiting, and really enjoyed the extra help with Hayden. We went to his Aunt & Uncles for Thanksgiving, where Hayden experienced her first grease fire. Her and I spent an hour outside waiting for the smoke to clear. FUN. On Saturday, Patrick and I attended his 10 year high school reunion. It was interesting, and made us feel pretty old. I got to meet a couple people that Patrick was friends with back then, and got to see a few friends that I’ve already met. It was nice to go out for the evening, but I think we were both tired, and ready to head home by 9pm. Ha.

We decorated our Christmas tree tonight. We’ve had it up for several days, but wanted to wait for an evening when Hayden wasn’t asleep to help us. We started decorating, and before we got even 5 minutes into it…she had fallen asleep in Patrick’s arms. I guess when you fight your sleep all day long; you can’t make it much later than 7pm.


indyhumes said...

love the christmas pics!